Lacey's House (501 c3) soon to be an NGO within The Republic of Ghana. With goals of reestablishing a foothold on East Africa within such countries as Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda as well as the Congo. Where goals of gender equality include putting an end to girls having to have their hair shaved off to attend school, to end child rape & abuse, to provide gender education as well as providing sexual education. Gender equality 

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Learning that in many countries; racism, sexism, colourism run hand in hand. In countries that are lacking in many of the basic human rights dealing with race there is also an inequality in the treatment of women & children. Also where there is mistreatment towards animals, children and women there is a struggle for woman to gain equal rights. Continue to support Lacey's House Ghana, Lacey's House America as well, please we would like to move into Kenya & South Korea in the upcoming years! 

Colorism in Africa/Ghana Click the link to read more Colorism 

Gender Swap Question reveal harsh life for women  

There was a question asked what would you do if you woke up the opposite sex, what would you do? Men posted their responses showing just how harsh life is being a woman. Click the above link to read the full article with some of the responses. 

So many judgement filled folks will not even read this article beyond it’s title. Some people have and always will be the speakers for what God wants people to do, live like, be like and damned to Hell for. Because of course he speaks through them & them only. Facts are that the Bible was written one hundred years after Jesus walked the earth. The Bible was written by men, these are facts, the Bible also was translated into thousands of languages.

Prayer Works!  Click the link to read the article 


Ghana Street Children; The Ignored Kings & Queens 

Some of the best books I've read! (Click the link to check them out some are online in PDF version)

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